Willow, Grey-leaved
LATIN: Salix atrocinerea Brot.

Willow, Grey-leaved
Family : Salicaceae
Flowering Cévennes: 3 - 4 . Light: partial sun. . Moisture: damp
Sample Cévenol GPS : 44°03.55' N 3°33.91' E
Status: not under threat in this region
Habitat: (view in new page) :Secondary : Water-edge forests, Acid shallow bogs.

Saule roux
Famille : Salicaceae
Floraison Cévennes : 3 - 4 . Lumière: moyennement ensoleillé. . . Humidité: humide
Exemple Cévenol GPS : 44°03.55' N 3°33.91' E
Statut : pas menacé dans ce région
Habitat : (s'ouvrir nouvelle page) :Secondaire : Forêts de bord des eaux (ripisylves), Bas marais acides.
Saule roux
Salix atrocinerea
Willow, Grey-leaved

(des sources variées, pas inclus dans Coste) :

Port moins dense que S. cinerea
Écologie :
Répartition hors de France :

Willow, Grey-leaved plant

(modified from Butcher, British Flora 1961):
NOTE: the French text is more complete and up-to-date

A bush 5-10 m. high. Twigs usually pubescent, blackish, with raised striæ under the bark.
Ecology UK: (distribution according to flora) common in waste places and hedges throughout the British Isles.
Distribution outside France: ?

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Fleurs : glauque ou légèrement rougeâtre, chatons allongés, souvent subcylindriques et flexueux

Flowers: . Catkins 20-30 mm long, appearing before the leaves, at first erect, later spreading, subsessile; male ovoid, female cylindrical; scales ovate, subacute or obtuse, clothed with silky hairs. Stamens 2, filaments pilose in their lower half, nectaries quadrate, oblong, short. Ovary hairy, ovoid-conical, grey-tomentose; pedicel slender, three to five times as long as nectary, stigmas rather short, styles usually very short;
Flowering UK: Late March-mid April.

Feuilles : adultes à face supérieures glabrescentes, luisantes, vertes sombres

Willow, Grey-leaved leaf

Leaves: variable, narrowly obovate, acuminate or oblanceolate, with an acute, sometimes twisted, apex and a narrow or cuneate base, margin crenate-serrate in the upper part, blade netted or somewhat wrinkled. ± pubescent, dull or greyish-green above, ashen green below and harshly pubescent with brownish hairs; stipules rounded and usually entire

Fruit :

Fruit: seed 1.0 x 0.4 mm, cylindrical, with fine vertical ridges, grey.