Orchid, Greater Butterfly
LATIN: Platanthera chlorantha (Custer) Rchb.

Orchid, Greater Butterfly
Family : Orchidaceae
Flowering Cévennes: 5 - 6 . Light: sun or shade. . Moisture: damp or dry
Sample Cévenol GPS : 44°16.24' N 3°36.34' E
Status: Species of conservation concern. (view key) LR(LC), CITES
Habitat: (view in new page) :Secondary : Pine wood on limestone.

Platanthère (f.) verdâtre
Famille : Orchidaceae
Floraison Cévennes : 5 - 6 . Lumière: ensoleillé ou ombrage. . . Humidité: humide or sec
Exemple Cévenol GPS : 44°16.24' N 3°36.34' E
Statut : espèce d'intérêt patrimoine (voir clef) LR(LC), CITES
Habitat : (s'ouvrir nouvelle page) :Secondaire : Forêts de pin sylvestre sur calcaire.
Platanthère (f.) verdâtre
Platanthera chlorantha
Orchid, Greater Butterfly

(modifié de Coste, Flore de la France 1937) :

Plante plus robuste de 30-60 cm, munie à la base de 2-3 feuilles
Écologie : (répartition d'après la flore) Bois, landes, pâturages, dans toute la France.
Répartition hors de France : Europe ; Caucase, Sibérie ; Afrique septentrionale.

Orchid, Greater Butterfly plant

(modified from Butcher, British Flora 1961):
NOTE: the French text is more complete and up-to-date

A rather stout perennial with the stem 15-45 cm tall, growing from two ellipsoid tubers. Stem with two broadly ovate, acute, entire, sheathing leaves at its base; stem leaves few, small, linear, acute
Ecology UK: (distribution according to flora) It is a rather common plant in woods and on grassy slopes on basic soils throughout the British Isles.[in decline, preference for southerly areas; tendency to reappear after many years if canopy re-opens] .
Distribution outside France: ?

Carte (c.2020) grâce à Tela Botanica

Information & Carte (c.2020) France/International grâce à INPN

Fleurs : plus grandes d'un blanc verdâtre, inodores ou peu odorantes, en épi lâche ; bractées plus larges ; divisions latérales extérieures du périanthe oblongues ; labelle lancéolé obtus (3 mm de large) ; éperon filiforme en massue ; anthère large, à loges écartées, divergentes à la base en fer à cheval ; fossette stigmatique à bord étroit.

Orchid, Greater Butterfly flower

Flowers: about 12-15 mm diam., fragrant, in a wide, rather long, lax raceme, subtended by linear bracts longer than the ovary; outer perianth segments greenish-white, lanceolate, acute, spreading, inner smaller, connivent with the upper outer one to form the hood; lip somewhat longer than the outer lobes, narrowly oblong, apex rounded; spur rather stout, acute, nearly twice as long as ovary. Anther cells converging towards the apex of the hood, basal glands laterally placed and about 10 mm apart; stigma broad, pointed;
Flowering UK: Mid May-mid July.

Feuilles : grandes ovales-oblongues

Orchid, Greater Butterfly leaf


Fruit :  

Orchid, Greater Butterfly fruit

Fruit: seed 1.0 x 0.1 mm, filiform, irregular, netted, grey; embryo small, central.