Environmental :

ZNIEFF Codes :
ZNIEFF = ZNIEFF determinant Languedoc Roussillon
Z_L =ZNIEFF determinant littoral (shoreline)
Z_MC= ZNIEFF determinant Massif Central
Z_P =ZNIEFF determinant Pyrenees

European Habitats Directive Codes:
D_Ax2 = species requiring Special Area of Conservation
D_Ax4 = species requiring strict protection
D_Ax5 = species restricted from taking from the wild

Messicole Codes:
Mes = any arable weed (messicole) in ZNIEFF or the Plan d’action national Messicole levels 2 & 3

Threat of Extinction

Red List Codes :
Liste Rouge UICN Plants on the Red List
LR(EN) Liste Rouge - endangered
LR(VU) Liste Rouge - vulnerable
LR(NT) Liste Rouge - near threatened
LR(LC) Liste Rouge - less concern

Legal :

Legal Codes :
PN_Ax1 Protection all France (Annexe 1)
PN_Ax2 Protection all France (Annexe 2)
PR_A Protection Auvergne
PR_LR Protection Languedoc Roussillon
PR_MP Protection Midi-Pyrénées
PR_RA Protection Rhône-Alpes
CITES Forbids international trade
Ber Berne Convention
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